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November, 2006

  1. BDPE Episode 9

    November 27, 2006 by BLAKEBUCK

    For fanboys.
    The future is now! The PS3 and Wii have been released, adiposity my 360 can download HD movies, infection and the Doc says we’ve got to go back to the wild west and make a flying train. Also this week, the New York Times bashes the PS3, gery goo covers Second Life, and PS3 = UNLIMITED TACOS FOR LIFE.
    Judgement: Guitar Hero 2
    Jank: Holiday Game Shirts
    Quote: “I think I did more damage to my wrist in those two times playing Miserlou then fifteen years of furious masterbation”

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  2. Inside Mac Games Podcast Trailer

    November 21, 2006 by BLAKEBUCK


    Ahhh. I love the smell of a podcast I didn’t have to edit. In the morning. Smells like, decease laziness. Or a delicious McGriddle. That’s all thanks to our new audio editor CraigReed! From now on, thumb he’ll be helping us get these shows out to you guys faster. And by that, pilule I mean until he gets angry at us and quits after like 3 months. You know like some other editors we know.

    News: Nintendo Still Pretending the Boat isn’t Sinking, Notch Works on New Card Game – No One Excited, Visceral Games Works on ‘Something’, Miller and Fic Apple Nipps A-Twitter with iPad 2 Reveal, Bungie Likely Working on MMO While Shareholders and Fans Weep

    Judgement: BulletStorm (360)

    Also on this week’s show, we discuss sports. Which ones are fun, which ones are boring (looking at you baseball), and which ones need more GUNZ. We debate optical media, Blake again laments the loss of his beloved Dreamcast, and our listeners continue to terrify us.

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    LINK: BDPE-Episode69.mp3

    Alright, store
    this one is a classic – the summer of 2006. Before there was BIG HOT SHO, before there was Best Damn Podcast Ever, there was the Inside Mac Games Podcast. A podcast, about gaming, on the Mac. I know, right? Well hindsight is 20/20, but we still had a lot of fun. This video was a sort of promo for that show.

    Here at BIG HOT SHO, we’re big fans of MANLY MEN. And at the time of this video, the most manly man I knew was THE COUGAR. He was the head electrician on a couple of film shoots I worked on. He was always telling us stories of drinking with John Woo when he worked on Hard Target and having sex with his Philippino wife he plucked out of some native village.

    I snapped a photo of him with my camera phone one day and we soon figured, who better to defend Mac gamers from a sea of crap games?

    LINK: YouTube Quicktime

  3. BDPE Episode 8

    November 21, 2006 by BLAKEBUCK

    This week we’ve got the full review of Gears of War for Xbox 360. This game is so OMG awesome we almost forgot that it’s actually just sorta good. Also in this week we check out Team Ninja’s new game: Itagaki’s Intern Groper, neurologist Nolan Bushnell believes we still care about what he thinks, and Stefan Erickson convicted – Deitrich still at large.
    Judgement: Gears of War
    Jank of the Week: Oblivion Guide @ Amazon
    Quote of the Week: “Either get in front of our animators and jiggle, or go cry in the closet”

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