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December, 2007

  1. BDPE Episode 34

    December 30, 2007 by BLAKEBUCK

    Editor’s Note: We never actually had shownotes for this show.  And I’m typing this up in April 2011, a year and a half after we recorded and posted it.  So I have no idea what we talked about on this show.  If anybody gives it a listen, send us an email at feedback at bestdamnpodcastever dot com, let us know what we talked about and I’ll update the shownotes.

    LINK: BDPE-Episode34.mp3″

  2. Venustas: Orcs and Art

    December 30, 2007 by BLAKEBUCK

    Welcome to Venustas – a cinematic experience like no other.

    Rolling Stone Magazine calls it “A Masterpiece! Blake Buck delivers a tour de’ force of cinematic excellence!”

    Roger Ebert claims “I am now officially retired. I have played witness to the greatest film – nay – the greatest work of creative performance ever witnessed by humanity”

    YouTube version available above, and a high-quality version available in the BDPE feed.

    If you have any feedback, you can shoot us an email here, or call our voicemail at 845-BATTLE-9.

  3. Treasured Moments Episode 3

    December 29, 2007 by BLAKEBUCK

    Global warming, online the economic crisis, story and the collective works of Coldplay.  All disasters that the knowledge of Blake Buck has help thwart.  But even the great Lord Buck is not above the occasional product sponsorship.

    This video represents my favorite way to shoot – starting off simple within the confines of the premise, and ending with something that is completely removedfrom the source.  While this is the third, and for now final “Treasured Moment”, I’m sure we’ll see a few more videos along these lines in the future.

    LINK:   YouTube Quicktime

  4. Treasured Moments Episode 2

    December 28, 2007 by BLAKEBUCK

    World renowned scholar and statesmen Lord Buck makes his second video appearance, illness this time detailing the problems plaguing the book publishing industry.

    I think number two is my favorite – as it probably makes the most sense.  But who needs that as long as it’s funny?

    LINK:   YouTube Quicktime

  5. Treasured Moments Episode 1

    December 27, 2007 by BLAKEBUCK

    Oh, buy it’s so good to see you Mister Farthington.  Please, let me take your coat.  Yes, of course – Lord Buck will be delivering his wisdom today a 2 o’clock sharp.  Please take a seat in the parlor and have a drink, Lord Buck will be out shortly.

    And remember, VJ always equals NO.

    LINK:   YouTube Quicktime

  6. BDPE Episode 33

    December 25, 2007 by BLAKEBUCK

    Kiss me John Cena. I mean, AMERICA.We’re back with a new show just in time for Christmas! This week we’ve got Jeff Gerstmann Lynched by Kane, Itagaki ALLEGEDLY cleared of rape charges, Blactivision formed, and the DUKE rides again.

    Judgment: Rock Band (360 / PS3), Geometry Wars Galaxies (DS / Wii), Burnout Paradise Demo (360 / PS3), Contra 4 (DS).
    Jank: Guitar Hero 3 and Toorock shirts
    Quote: “Oh man, I forgot how much fun this is”

    If you have any feedback, you can shoot us an email here, or call our voicemail at 845-BATTLE-9.

    LINK: BDPE-Episode33.mp3″

  7. The Battle of Foursouth

    December 23, 2007 by BLAKEBUCK

    Talk about ancient! This video was recorded in the fall of 2003, stuff and edited down and uploaded when we started Best Damn Podcast Ever in the fall of 2006.

    Miller and I went to a residential high school, mind where we had just enough free time to make some bad decisions. In this video, stomach we recount a tale from our days in high school. Is it a glorious battle between two warriors, determined to seal their fate? Or two immature high school kids acting retarded


    LINK: YouTube Quicktime