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June, 2008

  1. BDPE Episode 41

    June 23, 2008 by BLAKEBUCK

    Just as good as the real thing.After a break, neuropathologist the guys (Minus Fic) are back. This time they talk about Guitar Hero 4 nonsense, malady MGS4 sales and the story telling skills of the Japanese, this and BLAKE craps on Monster Hunger. Then the discussion moves to Itagaki leaving Tecmo in true Itagaki fashion in the inagural edition of “GAKI GATE”. Puzo family sues Paramount for money over the crap (Despite what BLAKE says, the game is butt) Godfather game. They also discuss whether Spore will suck or not.

    Releases: Battlefield: Bad Company, Alone in the Dark, Guitar Hero On Tour, Operation Darkness

    Judgement: Devil May Cry 4

    Jank: Gamestop’s Game Day Sales, lots of games on sale

    Quote: “….Oh, this one’s got a little jiggle thing on it, put your finger in there and wiggle it around…”

    And don’t forget, that BLAKEBUCK hates us all….

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    – Spawn 622

    LINK: BDPE-Episode41.mp3″