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February, 2010

  1. BDPE Episode 61

    February 9, 2010 by BLAKEBUCK

    I drink money.The iPad is officially out, adiposity but the BDPE crew is skeptical to give it a full endorsement. Except for Fic, who’s paycheck is directly proportionate to the number of Apple products shipped per quarter.

    Also on this week’s show we continue to gush over Borderlands, Microsoft continues to for you buy your games over and over, and Martin Sheen commands you to play Mass Effect 2. And apparently, the clan is back – lock your doors.

    “Best Damn Podcast Ever is excited about the development opportunities available on the iPad. Including where you may or may not be able to insert your penis”

    If you have any feedback leave it in the forums here.

    LINK: BDPE-Episode61.mp3