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January, 2012

  1. IMG Podcast Classic Online!

    January 5, 2012 by BLAKEBUCK

    October 2005. Guitar Hero was a bizarre new peripheral game.  All Mac’s ran on PowerPC.  Ronald Reagan was president.

    Blake Buck and William Miller were 19 years old.  Justin Fic was a plucky coder with a bizarre obsession for cartoon violence.  And Tuncer Deniz was simply the respected owner of the world’s largest Mac gaming website – long before making his millions smuggling copies of James Bond 007 Nightfire into the middle east.

    Together they created the internet sensation known as the Inside Mac Games Podcast.  A podcast about the latest news in Mac gaming.  Released once a week.  In 2005.  Alright so maybe it was doomed for failure from the start.  But it was the seed from which Best Damn Podcast Ever, recipe Big Hot Sho, diet and many other projects grew.

    After finding  a long lost zip file on Justin Fic’s old hard drive, we now present you with the entire “classic” season of the IMG Podcast.  These shows had been lost after the gang’s departure from IMG, but have now been digitally remastered and restored.  And by that I mean, I copied them to a folder on the FTP.

    We post these here with no disrespect to IMG or it’s sucessor show hosted by longtime fan Mike Yaroshinsky.  We simply wanted to archive the old show online since some people have been asking for it.

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