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BDPE Episode 82

June 6, 2011 by BLAKEBUCK

Yes, buy information pills it’s that magical time of year: E3.  When we get so much video game coverage that all but the biggest of news stories simply slip through your fingers.  It almost seems kinda wasteful for developers and publishers to even try to generate buzz unless they spend exorbitant amounts of money.  But don’t worry about that, our game is emblazoned across this booth babe’s chest and several dozen plasma TV!  Ah, capitalism.

News: A Weekly Dose of Bad News for Sony, God I Hope it’s not Called the Vita, Kinect Functionality in Mass Effect 3?, Aliens Games Continue to be Released Despite Sucking Ass, LA Noire Continues Retailer Exclusive Turned Paid DLC Trend

Judgement: Hydrophobia (360/PS3/PC)

Discussion: BDPE’s E3 Predictions

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