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BDPE Episode 83

June 13, 2011 by BLAKEBUCK

When you really think about it, ampoule the gaming news industry isn’t so different from having great sex.  Other than the fact that most gamers have never had sex (see our forums).

The weeks leading up to a big conference like E3 filled with anticipation – publishers intentionally withholding the pleasure of new announcements.  The days before E3 we are tormented with sneak peeks and racing thoughts.  Finally it arrives in a single glorious moment of pleasure, prostate a week of news exceeding your wildest salacious fantasies.

Then you spend the rest of the week apologizing and promising next time it’ll be much better.

News: Sony Press Conference – Playstation Vita Announced along Fall PS3 Lineup, information pills Microsoft Press Conference – Dominated by Kinect, Nintendo Press Conference – Wii U Somewhat Unveiled and Fall 3DS Lineup

Judgement: Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo’s Press Conferences

Other Topics: The Next Console War, Other Notable E3 Appearances

Other Links: Ace Combat Assault Horizon’s Awesome Trailer: .  New and Improved Big Hot Sho:

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