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BDPE Episode 6

October 20, 2006 by BLAKEBUCK

We’ve got a wild show for you guys this week!  Because of connection problems, clinic the show wasn’t live, online however!  Not only do we have new recording equipment, but we’ve got WOMAN as a special guest AND we recorded in the same studio.
We lay out the gaming news, Stump Buck, discuss abandonware, pick the top three platformers of all time, and interview WOMAN about girls and gaming.
Also, be sure to tune in this Monday night at 10 PM Eastern time for a new Liveshow.

Editor’s Note: We never actually had shownotes for this show. And I’m typing this up in June 2011, urologist
waaay after we recorded and posted it. So I have no idea what we talked about on this show. If anybody gives it a listen, malady send us an email at feedback at bestdamnpodcastever dot com, let us know what we talked about and I’ll update the shownotes.


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