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June 14, 2011 by BLAKEBUCK

Just to keep you guys updated in case there are any problems, link we have completely switched over from Libsyn to our own web hosting for all media files.  While an automatic redirect should have sent you to the new feed, there have been reports of broken links.

If you hare having problems, simply resubscribe with either of these links:

iTunes –

Feedburner –

Alternatively, simply looking up Best Damn Podcast Ever in the iTunes store should get you there just fine as well.  Apologies to anybody who got boned in the move.  And we got no beef with Libsyn, they’re a great service.  But thanks to the swap, our hosting expenses are about 25% of what they used to be!

Finally, I’ve gone back and added every old episode of BDPE!

They should be fully accessible from the site and within your feed.  However, some of them are missing show notes and several of the extra shows we did aren’t added yet.  But I’ll be adding more backlogged content over the next few weeks, just keep an eye on your feed.

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