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BDPE Episode 86

July 7, 2011 by BLAKEBUCK

Sometimes, remedy things get busted.  RSS feeds, show notes, podcasts, etc.  It happens.  Sometimes even the BDPE hosts themselves get busted – like Justin Fic getting fired or Blake Buck getting evicted.  These things happen, and can have a dire effect on the podcast postings.

But, everything appears to be running smoothly now!  Though Episode 85 is forever lost to the ether, 86 is here, and 87 is right around the corner.

News: Bungie Supporting Indie Developers, Supreme Court Rules in on Violent Videogames, LA Noire Developer Team Bondi Under Fire, Tim Langdell Debacle Finally Ends

Judgement: Child of Eden (360), Outland (XBLA / PSN)

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