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BDPE Episode 88

July 20, 2011 by BLAKEBUCK


These kids today and their Calls of Duty and quick time events. Just mash the button and watch the game play itself. Did ya mess up? No problem, approved they’ve been making checkpoints for you every 3 minutes. Heck, Metal Gear Solid and LA Noire are basically just choose your own adventure laserdisk games at this point. Phooey!

Back in my day we played REAL games. Three lives to make it through the whole tape, and if you died, you had to start over! A game like that’ll put hair on your chest and hatred in your heart – the two things every growing boy needs. That and quaaludes. Damn I miss the 80’s.

And for god sake, will someone please make us BoneQuest: Terror on Rape Montain?

News: Battlefield 3 Gets $50 Million Marketing Budget, Team Bondi Developers Worked 100 Hour Weeks, Sony Commits $20 Million to Indie Developers, EA Purchases Pop Cap, Ex-Microsoft Exec Joins Gamestop

Tapes: Bangai-O Missile Fury (XBLA), Warioware D.I.Y. (DS), Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance (XBLA / PSN), Jamestown (Steam PC)

Also, you’ve got a bonus week to work on your homework, Live A Live on SNES. If you missed last week’s show, check out episode 87’s show notes for more details and links.

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