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BDPE Episode 89

July 29, 2011 by BLAKEBUCK

Sure, pills everybody knows internet funnyman Blake Buck. Professional podcaster, cheap standup comedian, unhealthy and top pick of his graduating class for ‘Most Likely to Become and Alcoholic’. But few people know of his forerunner, the legendary Ben Buck.

In many ways, Ben Buck is like the beta version of Blake Buck.  While similar at first glance, he’s not quite as quick, doesn’t have as many features, and is definitely more bulky. But then again, Blake is more often covered in bugs.  At the very least, Ben Buck makes a fine substitute for William Miller this week, who is still trapped in a box of Captain Crunch.

Also this week, Justin Fic and Blake Buck reminisce on some of their favorite classic arcade games, and discuss how perhaps games today have lost touch with the importance of controls and innovation that defined the arcade era.

News: Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Announced, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Announced, Darkness 2 Delayed till 2012, Ex-Irrational Games forms new indie studio, Ubisoft Embraces Used Game Pay Wall, Goldeneye 007 Coming PS3 and 360

Tapes: The Barcade / Mr. Do (Arcade), Galaga Legions DX (XBLA), Fry’s (not actually a tape) / Alone in the Dark Inferno (PS3)

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