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BDPE Episode 95

September 19, 2011 by BLAKEBUCK

Only five episodes until episode 100!  What does that mean?  Well none of us are entirely sure at the moment, overweight but we’ll think of something.  Either that or just do whatever you guys suggest in the forums.  Honestly, cialis sale we’re awful at this whole, glaucomapreparing” thing.  So enjoy episode 95 while we prepare 96 for a few more months.

Also on this week show, we discuss Sony’s Vita and new tablets, the merits of in-game advertising, and question the role of civilian violence in war games.

News: Sony Showing PS Vita Games at Tokyo Games Show, Study Shows Violence Negatively Affects In-Game Advertising, LA Noire’s Team Bondi = Dead, Sony’s Tablets Still Blow, DICE Axes Civilians from Battlefield 3, Child of Eden Gets Bundled with Kinect, and Square Enix announces Deus Ex Inspired Clothing.

Tapes: Deus Ex Human Evolution (360/PS3), Sword and Sorcery (iOS), Stacking (XBLA), Catherine (360/PS3), Hole in the Wall (XBLA)

If you have any feedback, send your email to feedback at best damn podcast ever dot com, call the listener line at 845-BATTLE-9, or head over to the forums.


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