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Marathon Durandal Trailer

January 18, 2007 by BLAKEBUCK

I want to smell like an asshole. Done.

Welcome to the first official episode of the new Big Hot Sho podcast.  Once a week, viagra buy comedian and podcaster Blake Buck sits down with some friends to ask life’s most important questions.  You know, approved like “What is the role of  sexuality in popular culture and it’s influence on society?” and “What does the word ejaculate mean?”  On this week’s episode:

Who the fuck is James Franco?

Have you told your parent’s your toilet paper orientation?

Stereotypes – The Sliced Bread of the South

Positive thinking, and why it blows.

If you have any feedback, leave us a comment here or contact us via our feedback form (coming soon).  And keep on eye on in the coming weeks as we add more features.

LINK: BHS-Episode1.mp3

You ever had a friend who told you about some movie he saw when he was in middle school that was the funniest movie he had ever seen?  You’ve heard of it yourself, order
but don’t know much about it.  He assures you, click
though, this is the funniest movie of all time.

So finally the two of you sit down together and watch this hilarious movie handed down from Mount Olympus for your viewing pleasure.  Your friend is laughing hysterically, reliving all his favorite moments as if for the first time.

But you just don’t get it.  I mean, it’s sorta funny, but at this place, and at this time, it’s not doing it for you.  You missed this boat when it set sail, and now there’s no nostalgia in reliving it.

That’s exactly how Marathon Durandal is for me.

A lot of people I know love this game, and want me to get into it – but I can’t relive this classic with them.  Perhaps that’s also why the remake of this game wasn’t the runaway success Freeverse Software had hoped for.

But regardless, I made the above trailer that I hope pays tribute to the memories of fans Marathon of old.

LINK: YouTube Quicktime

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