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Hordes of Orcs Trailer

January 20, 2007 by BLAKEBUCK

I’ve been contracted to make a wide variety of videos for Freeverse Software for a wide variety of games.  Yet, view I knew when I was hired to make a trailer for their newest game, Hores of Orcs, I was facing a unique challenge.

How does one make an exciting trailer for a game that is visually rather uninteresting?

Well after pondering the issue for about a week, picking up a few tubs of green paint from Wal-Mart, and making a complete ass of myself, I think I found the answer.  The version seen here is a “Director’s Cut”, that is, it’s a little more intense than the one on Freeverse’s website.

But hey, if you don’t occasionally go over the edge, you’ll never know where the edge is…

LINK: YouTube Quicktime



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