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BHS Brooklyn Episode 5

June 20, 2012 by BLAKEBUCK

This week, clinic the BHS Brooklyn guys learn that not everything from their childhood is as innocent as it might seem. Do video games further a culture of violence in today’s youth? Is standardized testing a valuable metric for academic talent? Are treasure trolls secretly destroying gender identity to create a new jewel-encrusted master race?

Also this week Ken scoffs at dog obsessions, order Matt dissects New York city brunch culture, orthopedist and we all learn that Iraq is exactly 16 Americas away. You can also follow the hosts on Twitter – Matt (, Ken (, and Blake (

If you have any feedback, send us an email at feedback at Big Hot Sho dot com, or leave us a voicemail at 845-BATTLE-9.  You can also leave your thoughts on the forums over at and also via Twitter: @BigHotSho


Big Hot Sho Brooklyn Episode 5 by blakebuck

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