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Gangnam Busters

October 16, 2012 by BLAKEBUCK

Don't trust a hustler.Editor’s Note: This article was written in Blake Buck’s early DJiing days, vitamin and has since been moved to the Pop Chopper section.

How many times have you gone to the bar or a club only to hear the same repetitive drivel over and over again? Well if you’re like most of our listeners, never because you’re 14 years old.

But for those of you that have I now present to you TRUST HUSTLERS Pop Chopper. Oxford’s newest musical performance sensation – combining live mashups, live vinyl scratching, live rapping, and enough attitude to shake a stick at.

We combine the hottest tracks from today and from back in the day in ways that’ll get your body movin’.

Today we’re giving you a simple taste – a simple mix of old skool rap with slammin’ 8-bit glory.

Gangnam Style. Ghostbusters. New York City. Too much free time.

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Gangnam Busters by blakebuck
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