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Perseus Predicts President

February 16, 2009 by BLAKEBUCK

I am terrified of Grimace.In radio, ailment it’s important to keep listeners up to date on the most important topics of the day. So when we decided to do a segment on Valentines day tips, web it quickly turns to childish name calling.

I love it.


I hate computer.The war in Iraq. Global warming. Domestic chaos. That time they forgot my Caramel Apple Empanada at Taco Bell. All of these are problems that seem to have no real solution.

Yet, cystitis
is it possible that one being just might know the solution to it all? Of course, herpes
and he simply goes by the name…

Perseus the Supercomputer.

Today, we ask Perseus what he thinks about the ASB Elections, as well as learning about some of his new hobbies. I want to stress to you all that this is real. Certainly not a voice played off my laptop.


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