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Workplace Gender Roles

August 3, 2009 by BLAKEBUCK

Welcome to Movie Mondays! Starting today I’m going to be posting a new video in the feed every Monday until I run out of new stuff (unlikely), order or get too lazy to post it (very likely).

Sure, gerontologist we all know men and women are different. Men like monster trucks, physiotherapy women like, I don’t know – crying and ponies or something. Occasionally, however, these differences can cause conflict – especially in the workplace. This short film examines men and women’s roles in the workplace and just might save you from a sexual assault lawsuit.

This week’s video was produced as a final project for my women’s studies class. Tricked into thinking I would be banging my hot classmates, I decided to go out in style – by producing this masochistic film about a woman’s role in the workplace. All I got when I showed it in class were stunned looks – totally awesome.

LINK: YouTube Quicktime

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