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BDPE Episode 24

July 17, 2007 by BLAKEBUCK

Not enough dicks, stranger.E3. OMG. TCP/IP. This week we’ve got a monster of a show as we discuss the Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony press conferences at E3. We also discuss our favorite picks at E3, take some disgruntled listener calls, and get serenaded about a sick child.

Judgement: Etrian Odyssey (DS)
Jank: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (NGC), Project Sylpheed (360)
Quote: “We will have no talk of that on this show”

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Contest Winner:

David M. (Featured Above)

Runners Up:

Nice work.
-Kerry G.

God I wish.
– J21

Too handsome for words.
-Corey D.


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