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BDPE Episode 33

December 25, 2007 by BLAKEBUCK

Kiss me John Cena. I mean, <a href=women’s health AMERICA.” width=”202″ height=”300″ />We’re back with a new show just in time for Christmas! This week we’ve got Jeff Gerstmann Lynched by Kane, ask Itagaki ALLEGEDLY cleared of rape charges, Blactivision formed, and the DUKE rides again.

Judgment: Rock Band (360 / PS3), Geometry Wars Galaxies (DS / Wii), Burnout Paradise Demo (360 / PS3), Contra 4 (DS).
Jank: Guitar Hero 3 and Toorock shirts
Quote: “Oh man, I forgot how much fun this is”

If you have any feedback, you can shoot us an email here, or call our voicemail at 845-BATTLE-9.

LINK: BDPE-Episode33.mp3″

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