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Game Over: Gears of War

January 6, 2007 by BLAKEBUCK

No video I have ever made has created as much hate as the one positioned above this sentence.

It’s Winter 2006. BDPE needs another video. So I thought, more about what if William Miller and I played a video game together, hospital have a few laughs, women’s health record it, and put the funny stuff into a video?  Seems like a fine enough idea.  In fact, I still to this day believe there are some really funny parts of this video.

However, in a half-hearted attempt to promote our site, I posted this video on the forums of .  That was not a wise decision.  After a several hour flame fest, featuring a wide variety of foul language and grotesque photoshops of my face, I realized that gaining listeners through forum promotion is about as useful as shooting yourself in the dick.

Below are a couple of my favorite photoshops from said flame fest:

Ah, the internet. I love and hate you.  All at the same time.

LINK:   YouTube Quicktime

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