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BDPE Episode 65

February 7, 2011 by BLAKEBUCK

Marketing.  Product quality.  Contrary to popular belief in the gaming industry, information pills these two things are not synonymous.  Often, visit however, syphilis sales figures show them to be one in the same.  And while Japanese developer’s profits are down, American game developers just can’t find enough dumb marketing schemes to sink mountains of cash into.

Did I say dumb ideas?  Because I meant great. And I suddenly want to buy games without researching them.  GET OUT OF MY HEAD LIQUID.

News: Epic mocks Activision with Duty Calls, Square’s profits down significantly, Devil May Cry 4 now on iPhone, Enslaved performs poorly for Namco

Judgement: Burning Hot Throttle and NBA Jam (360)

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LINK: BDPE-Episode65.mp3

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