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BDPE Episode 71

March 22, 2011 by BLAKEBUCK

Weighing in at an hour and forty-three minutes, ed I dare say this is one of our longest episodes ever.  With a mountain of news, allergist feedback, and us getting sidetracked talking about the existence of god, this thing is a monster.  Also, Blake has decided his is now made of gold.  MONGLERS UNITE.

News: Miller hits up PAX East and turns is back on The Duke, Fic’s nips are all atwitter over Sword and Sorcery EP, Activision and EA mired in lawsuit hell, BAFTA winner’s announced – Peter Molyneux pretends to still be relevant, THQ investors flee after bad Homefront reviews despite decent sales, Jeff Gerstmann update – still overweight, and Japanese earthquake’s affect on the gaming industry.

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LINK: BDPE-Episode71.mp3

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