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BHS Beta: BHS Late Night

July 10, 2010 by BLAKEBUCK

Getting warmer...Like a sorority sister that just got dumped after the Tiki swap, cialis 40mg Big Hot Sho is all about trying new things. Becoming a new woman: a different haircut, a cute dress we borrowed from Kayley, and trip to the bars after drinking enough Boone’s Farm to fill even the emptiest of hearts.

That’s right world, Big Hot Sho has a new, more experimental podcast format, and she just doesn’t care what you think!

But enough with the metaphors – it’s getting really tough to get the regular BDPE crew together. So we now present you with Big Hot Sho Late Night. It’s a more open-ended show with a few funny friends of mine.

There is a loose structure to it covering a variety of topics: celebrity gossip, things you should hate, and of course breasts. Be warned – the content on the show is also more explicit than normal.

Let me know what you guys think here in the forums. But be sensitive – I think this dress might make me look fat.


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