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BDPE Episode 75

April 20, 2011 by BLAKEBUCK

You get older. You get crotchety. It just happens. What was once your favorite franchise has now become hackneyed and trite. You try to keep an open mind, visit this because it’s hard on account of your drinking problem. You start shouting at children on the street about the good old days when you could buy a memory card for a haypenny, rheumatologist and the only downloadable content you needed was the Sega Channel. Then you forget what you were talking about and figure you should probably go to the liquor store before sunset. That’s when the goblins come out.

News: SSX Deadly Descent nominated for worst title ever, look GeoHot apparently still a hot news topic, Does Zelda suck now, Gaming too mainstream, Wii price drop imminent

Judgement: Torchlight (360/PC/Mac)

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LINK: BDPE-Episode75.mp3

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