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BDPE Episode 61.5

March 10, 2010 by BLAKEBUCK

And stop calling me bitch.Alright, dysentery so we’ve started to fall behind. Hey, so what? Who the hell are you? Demanding content when we are cleary busy with other things. Screw you man. You’re an asshole. Click unsubscribe and do us all a favor.

Now that no one is left, we’ve got a holdover episode until BDPE Episode 62. It’s just Miller and Buck, and we’re keeping tabs on the the goins ons of the gaming industry. Fic may or may not be involved in a Superbowl induced coma.

This week we briefly touch on John Romero in the gaming industry (really?), and discuss releases and a quick wrapup.

Check out episode 62 for more hotness…

LINK: BDPE-Episode61p5.mp3

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