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BDPE Episode 59

January 21, 2010 by BLAKEBUCK

Someone owes me royalties.BDPE IS BACK! If I had a dollar every time I said that, view I’d be making a living in a very unusual way.

In all seriousness, drugs because of travel and all that family bullshit, the holidays alway seem to be a difficult time for us to record shows. Thankfully the annual alcohol induced haze from Thanksgiving to New Years has past, and more heat is warming up them pipes.

We talk about so much garbage this week I don’t even want to list it all. EA, the NFL, DJ Hero, Activision, and the responsibilities of being a large publisher. We also discuss good games MW2 showed back into first quarter 2010, and give an overview of today’s most influential titles in porn gaming.

Also on this week’s show we talk releases, micro-judgment Lego Indiana Jones 2, Dragon Age, Zelda Spirit Tracks, and Borderlands DLC.

“I’m gonna sign an exclusivity deal of my dick to your mouth”

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LINK: BDPE-Episode59.mp3

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