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BDPE Episode 79

May 16, 2011 by BLAKEBUCK

This week’s show is a bit strange.  Somehow with only Buck, generic Fic, surgeon and a few crumbs of news, BDPE flies off into some bizarre tangents which actually prove more interesting then your average show.  By the time we finished news, we were nearly an hour and twenty minutes in.

Kinda like the podcast version of staying up late reading wikipedia.  You’re reading about John Wayne Gacy, twenty minutes later you’re on Chuck Palahniuk, then somehow it’s it’s 4 am and you’re watching this:  ?

News: Mortal Kombat Dominates April Sales, Lineage Discontinued, Assassins Creed Sales Still Strong Even with Annual Releases, More Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur Releases Planned, 3DS eShop Delayed, Civilization Coming to Facebook

Tangents: Brink Sucks and Quake Rocks, Hatsune Miku – Future of Celebreties, The Annual Game Franchise, and the Return of Fighting Games

Finally, check out our old buddy Spawn’s groovy game news and review site,

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