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Oh, physician hello. Didn’t see you there. My name is Blake Buck, and I’m a professional multimedia producer and comedian. Since 2003 I’ve been been making all sorts of cool stuff and putting it on the internet. Podcasts, radio shows, videos, short films, remixes, written articles, and more. If you like what you see, download, subscribe, and check out my other sites. And if you don’t like it, well keep it to yourself dude. Jeeze.

Below is a sampling of my work, along with my resume at the bottom. To see more, just explore the site using the tabs at the top.


Video Production:


The Making of Kung Fu Killforce

After being fired from his industry job, indie game developer Justin Fic has just 3 months to create his next hit game for the uDevGames competition. This short documentary explores the ups and downs of the indie developer experience..

Download: (High-Quality Quicktime)

Honest Love Podcast Promo

A short promo for the Big Hot Sho podcast, which shows off some of my color correction and After Effects skills. So please take note of the technical merits, rather than it’s childish content.

Download: (High-Quality Quicktime)

Conspicuos Consumption Short Documentary

The Oxford University Community Hash House Harriers (OUCH³) is a self-described “drinking club with a running problem” that mixes adventure with alcoholism. Due to scheduling difficulties, this short documentary was shot and edited in a single weekend for a class assignment, which still kinda blows my mind…

Download: (High-Quality Quicktime)

Radio and Podcasting:


Big Hot Sho Radio Promo

A promo for the Big Hot Sho, a morning radio show I produced and co-hosted with Josh Butler on 92.1 Rebel Radio and 95.5 The Bullseye. The show ran from summer 2007 till spring 2011 in Oxford Mississippi, and was even featured in a national TV commercial for ESPN.

Download: RadioPromo.mp3 (MP3 for non flash users)

Best Damn Podcast Ever

Since 2006 I’ve been producing Best Damn Podcast Ever, a comedy podcast about video games. Each week myself and co-hosts William Miller and Justin Ficoratta, both gaming industry professionals, break down the latest news, review games, interact with listeners, and laugh our asses off. To listen to the latest show, just visit the website:

Audio and Music Production:


Music Production Sample

In addition to DJing for several years, I’ve also started producing entirely original music. I even received an award for my audio work on Kung Fu Killforce from uDevGames. Below is a short sampling of some recent tracks.

Download: BuckMusicDemo.mp3 (MP3 for non flash users)

DJ Mashup Sample

When Ted Stevens passed away in the fall of 2010, we were quite bummed at Big Hot Sho. We played his ‘series of tubes’ sound bite on our radio show all the time, so what better way to honor his memory then with an internet-themed mashup infused with his own voice?

Download: TheInternetIsDead.mp3 (MP3 for non flash users)



Comedy Short Films

Terry’s Turbo Towel:  This is a short from a series commissioned by the Oxford Film Festival in 2008. This was back when my friends and I were big into Tim and Eric. While absurdist humor has since lost some of it’s charm, I still think this is a masterpiece of experimental comedy.

Download: (High-Quality Quicktime)

Other Comedy Short Favorites:  Grill Drippins and Butterfields.  And honestly, I’ve made dozens of these comedy shorts over the years – starting back in 2003 (before YouTube!). Just click the video tab at the top of the site if you want to see more.

Standup Comedy

I love standup and have been doing it for a few years across the southeast.  In the past year I’ve performed new material almost every other week.

But while I’d like to post a clip here, I’m also paranoid of joke thieves. So if you’re interested in a clip, send me an email and I can shoot you back an MP3. Assuming your aren’t Carlos Mencia.


Nice work. You stuck with it till the end, just like you said you would. Maybe you should put “read this guy’s about me page” on your resume. You’re welcome.

You can email me at blakebuck at me dot com or reach me via my Twitter or Facebook. Thanks!

To download my resume, click here.

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